Useful Tips to make Your Day Great!


  •  Use your schedule to choose and plan which events you would like to see.  To see and experience everything takes at least one full day.  Second day upgrades are available.


  •  Please remember to allow time to arrive before each event starts.  Doors close at scheduled time.  If arriving late for shows scheduled in the Church Of All Nations, you may go to the Family Viewing Room, in the House of Judea, to see them on the large screen.


  • Ushers will assist with seating in the Church of All Nations to your best advantage


  • There is no late entry to live dramas in the Church of All Nations.


  • For your comfort and convenience, please feel free to bring your restless or sleeping little ones with you, to enjoy the live drama on the large screen in our Family Viewing Room in the House of Judea. 


  • Children's Strollers are welcome in the Family Viewing Room, but unfortunately, they are not allowed inside the Church of All Nations. Baby car seats may be removed from strollers, and brought into the Church of All Nations.  Thank you for your cooperation.


  • Those unavoidably leaving the auditorium during live presentations may be seated at the back upon return to avoid disruption to other guests.


  • Remember to travel light!  For the safety and comfort of all our Guest, we allow only small purses entering the Park.  Thank you for leaving your backpacks, luggage and coolers in your vehicles.  You may bring bottled water, but no food or drinks 


  • Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in helping us to create the best possible atmosphere for ministry at The Holy Land Experience!

The Holy Land Experience Orlando
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