Summer 2017 


Set to debut May 2, 2017, Guests will be able to enjoy two moving and entertaining productions that are sure to quickly become park favorites. Both of these new shows will compliment the already successful original production, The Prodigal Son, that debuted in the spring of 2017.


Out Of Darkness

An original stage production that tells the story of the Pharisee (Nicodemus) who finds himself at a crossroads in his life; torn between religion and this Messiah called Jesus. At the Feast of Tabernacles, Jesus heals a man born blind and uses this healing as a physical example to illustrate that, He is the light of the world and anyone who follows Him will never walk in darkness. A story of tradition, miracles and the journey to discover who Jesus really is, for yourself.




Jesus The Sacrifice

JESUS: The Sacrifice

Experience the trial, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus as told through the three eyewitness accounts; Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and the Centurion.  Be part of the trial of Jesus as he is brought before Pilate by the religious leaders of the day. Find yourself in the middle of the crucifixion.  Feel the tension and joy in the air as word spreads that Jesus’ body is no longer in the tomb. Be amazed as the risen Jesus appears to his followers and shares a tender moment of fellowship.  And, be a witness to the incredible resurrection of our Lord. An all new and original musical featuring songs that are sure to quickly become favorites you will remember for a lifetime.



The Holy Land Experience Orlando
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