Pastor Jonathan L. McKnight

Special Guest Presentation

Friday, February 19

12:25 pm - 1:15 pm

Showing at the Shofar Auditorium


Included in Daily Park Admission


Pastor Jonathan L. McKnight is the pastor of Sanctuary of Praise Ministries located in the beautiful city of Orlando, FL. Prior to his call to pastor, Pastor McKnight was a full-time evangelist for six years traveling up and down the Eastern seaboard and to various states within the Midwest. Now the Lord has allowed Pastor McKnight to minister in local, state, and federal prisons to both men and women. He has also ministered nationally and internatioanlly. He can be heard on radio broadcasts in numerous cities in the states of Florida, North Carolina and New York.


Pastor Jonathan McKnight, author of the book, "Prayer is a Must", is also the organizer of the Prayer Army Organization which unifies prayer intercessors all over the world.




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