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The Holy Land Experience features a wide range of live stage presentations. We offer something for adults and kids alike. Our Productions range in style from musicals, poignant plays and interactive moments with our guests. No matter the production, the underlying message is that there is hope, there is grace, there is forgiveness and there is joy available to each of us, from  God, who loves us more than we can ever imagine. 



The Promise
The Life & Ministry of Jesus


A brand new production featuring original music score & songs, takes you on a journey leading to the cross.


Hear about this new Rabbi from some unique characters in the market place. See as Jesus begins to perform Miracles. Witness His amazing entrance into Jerusalem and see the Last Supper unfold before your eyes. See as Jesus journeys from the garden to the cross.


Bear witness and rejoice as the Promise, our Messiah has finally come. 



The Sermon On The Mount

See and hear for yourself, as Jesus shares the Beatitudes with his followers and multiplies the fish and loaves in an interactive experience. 



The Four Women Who Loved Jesus

What does a Samaritan woman, a harlot and a woman with a medical condition have in common? 

Their love of Jesus. Witness their miraculous stories of love, forgiveness and healing in this touching original production.




Three timeless tales of redemption come together in the original production "Forgiven”.  


See the great King David face one of his defining moments, as he turns from God’s will, and into the arms of Bathsheba. 


Experience the powerful story of Hosea, the prophet chosen by God to pour out love on an unexpected woman.


Finally, hear the Apostle Paul as he shares his story of God’s mercy and grace. 



Angels are real!


Come witness the re-telling of stories about Angels throughout the scriptures and how they continue to be at work today in our lives.  



GOLGOTHA TOUR featuring The Road To Emmaus


Follow one of our biblical teachers as you tour Golgotha and find a deeper understanding of the crucifixion and Jesus’ suffering on the cross. 


See for yourself that the tomb is empty.  Witness 2 travelers as they encounter Jesus, after His resurrection. 




(and young at heart)




Be part of the re-telling of the story of David & Goliath in this original and interactive presentation. 


Learn about David’s faith in God and how it made the impossible, become possible. 




Join our Lost & Found Agents on their quest to find lost things.


Help Shimmel the Shepherd find his lost sheep, and Maya find her lost coin, and re-enact the story of the prodigal son. 


 Please note, the show schedule may be subject to change without notice.


The Holy Land Experience Orlando
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