Live Shows

The Holy Land Experience brings the Bible to life through the talents and gifts of our own cast of performers. It is our mission to communicate the gospel truth of God’s word through our exciting and moving presentations which range from the theatrical and musical to dramatic historical recreations. Performed daily on a wide range of stages these original presentations can only be seen at the Holy Land Experience!

Please note, show schedule is subject to change and not all presentations are performed daily.


 Q: What is Legna?

a. A hilarious comedy that features clever retellings of classic Bible stories such as “Daniel and the Lion’s Den” and “Peter and Rhoda.”
b. A thought provoking look at God’s messengers and how they are still at work in the world today.
c. A brand new show from the Holy Land Experience that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.
d. All of the above.

Come and find out the answers for yourself as the Holy Land Experience presents Legna; where lions talk, prison doors are opened and nothing is exactly as it seems.  Legna is a dramatic presentation that stirs your heart and soul and offers a powerful reminder of God’s love.  Experience the story of Legna and discover the secret for yourself.


The Passion - We Shall Behold Him 

 Our brand new production that tells the story of all that Jesus went through on His journey to the cross.  See the people.  Hear the sounds.  Witness the greatest act of love that has ever been displayed to mankind.   And in this version of the great Passion story, we take it a step further.  We witness the triumphant return of our Saviour in all His glory.  See for yourself as His train fills the Temple and feel the powerful presence of God as His promises come to life.




Three timeless tales of redemption come together in FORGIVEN, an all new production from the Holy Land Experience.  Journey through the pages of the Bible as some of its most amazing characters come to life.  See the great King David face his defining moment as he turns from God’s will into the arms of Bathsheba.  Experience the powerful story of Hosea, the prophet chosen by God to pour out love on an unloving woman.   And finally hear the Apostle Paul tell his own story as he shares the secret of the thorn in his flesh.  Presented with all the passion, excitement and energy you have come to expect from the Holy Land Experience, FORGIVEN is sure to move you as you come face to face with God’s mercy and His grace.



The Fullness of Time Has Come


When you think of Christmas, what do you think of?


Bethlehem. A star. Mary and Joseph. A manger. Shepherds. Wise men.
Most of us know of the story of the newborn King, Jesus.
But have you ever imagined what was going on in Heaven leading up to that glorious day? What did the angels think? How did they prepare for this momentous occasion?
Join us at the Holy Land Experience and see for yourself as the Archangel Michael prepares his troops. See the glorious angel choir proclaim the arrival of Jesus. Watch as an insignificant messenger angel  steps into his destiny and delivers the greatest announcement ever made.
A telling of the Christmas story unlike any other you have ever seen. 


The Four Women Who Loved Jesus

Meet four women who each share a deep bond of love for the Lord Jesus. As their stories unfold you will see the pages of the Bible come to life in this all new, original, Holy Land Experience drama. Gain valuable insight and depth into the scriptures as you explore their lives and learn how each one has been forever changed by their loving Savior. Their love is their testimony, poured out like fine perfume at the feet of Jesus – "Why I love Him" is the expression of that love as you’ve never seen before!


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