The Holy Land Experience features a wide range of live stage productions, ranging from dramatic plays, lighthearted humor and Broadway style musicals.  There is something for everyone!


The consistent message, in everything you will see, is one of hope, grace, forgiveness, and joy. Our hope is that you leave more blessed than you were when you walked in!




Join Avram, Zamir and all their friends rejoice when one of their very own receives a healing touch from the Rabbi Jesus. Witness Jesus as He teaches the crowd and responds to the High Priests question about His teachings and motives.

(approx. 15 minutes long)




Join your friends from the Market Place, as they journey to the Great Temple to give God praise.  Lift your voice, with people from all over the world, in abandoned worship to the one true God. 

(approx. 10 minutes long)



Join Naomi as she journeys home in faith, after losing everything she loved. Joined by her faithful daughter-in-law, Ruth, the two women trust God to make a way for them. A story of faith, trust and unconditional love. 

(approx. 25 minutes long) 




An original stage production that tells the story of the Pharisee (Nicodemus) who finds himself at a crossroads in his life; torn between religion and this Messiah called Jesus.


At the Feast of Tabernacles, Jesus heals a man born blind and uses this healing as a physical example to illustrate that, He is the light of the world and anyone who follows Him will never walk in darkness.


A story of tradition, miracles and the journey to discover who Jesus really is, for yourself. 

(approx. 35 minutes long) 




JESUS: The Sacrifice
Experience the trial, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus as told through the three eyewitness accounts; Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and the Centurion.  


Be part of the trial of Jesus as he is brought before Pilate by the religious leaders of the day.


Find yourself in the middle of the crucifixion. 


Feel the tension and joy in the air as word spreads that Jesus’ body is no longer in the tomb.


Be amazed as the risen Jesus appears to his followers and shares a tender moment of fellowship. 


And, be a witness to the incredible resurrection of our Lord. An all new and original musical featuring songs that are sure to quickly become favorites you will remember for a lifetime. 

(approx. 40 minutes long) 




See this well known parable come to life in a brand new / original musical production that will remind you that God never gives up on us and is always waiting for us to come back home. 

(approx. 40 minutes long)





(and young at heart)



A fun interactive time of Praise & Worship for the young at heart! Join our “Jammers” as they lead you in an island themed time of celebration and praise. 

(approx. 15 minutes long)





 Bible Busters: A live game show where YOU can test your Biblical knowledge. Real questions, real contestants, real fun.

(approx. 15 minutes long)



*Please, when attending any of our Live Drama presentations, we respectfully request that you remain seated until they are complete.  All of our plays point us to Jesus, and could truly be the moment someone near you comes to know Jesus for the very first time.  We don't want any unnecessary distractions for anyone in the Church. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in helping us to create the best possible atmosphere for ministry at The Holy Land Experience! 


 Please note, the show schedule may be subject to change without notice.


The Holy Land Experience Orlando
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