Words of Witness 

Here are some testimonials from guests at The Holy Land Experience:


MARCH, 2017

Rosalie from Brooksville, FL - So very moving. I cried at the show at the tomb. The theater shows were great. Cast was so good!

Cynthia from Troy, MI - I this was a very good experience! May the Lord richly bless all of you.

Darlene from Baxley, GA - Felt His presence in the shows!

Michael from Orlando, FL - Everything was outstanding! We watched all the live shows and it was truly a blessing to be here and it will be unforgettable!

Becky from Orlando, FL - We had a wonderful day today. The presentations were amazing and the voices of the singers were fantastic.

Justin from Huntington, NY - It was a great experience and it is highly recommended!

Carl from Lake Wales, FL- Very clean park and very friendly staff. We enjoyed the show was very much!

Dennis from Devils Lake, ND - It was all wonderful! The Lord met us here where we needed it.

Tosha from Aurora, IL - Yes! Yes! Yes! Loved everything about the park!

Nona from NY - This has been a glorious experience, my first visit will not be my last!

Helen from Huntington, NY - I enjoyed everything and had a great time!

Sylvia from Orlando, FL - Everything was a blessing and awesome just like Jesus Christ!

Danielle from Boynton Beach, FL - I love this place! Absolutely amazing!

Doris from Orlando, FL - Awesome family place and a great staff!

Cindy from Rockville, MD - Very friendly staff. Had a great time!

Cindy from Racine, WI - Your drama reenactments were wonderful and beautifully portrayed according to the Scriptures. It was very meaningful and scripturally uplifting.

Charles from Elizabethtown, KY - Lots of talented actors! Great!

Cindy from Miami, FL - Beautiful, everything was perfect. The actors were wonderful!

Quad from Hampton, VA - Blessed to be back for a second year in a row!

Gabrielle from Mexico - Thank the Lord for permitting me to visit this place!

Vicky from Fort Walton Beach, FL - The interactive and educational tours were blessing to have such wonderful people for providing this for us.

Barbara from Beverly, PA - Thank you! What a blessing! Truly awesome!

Patty from Carrollton, OH - What a wonderful experience more than I could imagine.

Roger from The Villages, FL - We very much enjoyed the day and the talent of the grounds are astonishing and architecture is exquisite.

Sue from Carson, VA - We really enjoyed all of the shows today. This was our first visit and we will return one possible actors and actresses were awesome! Great job!

Randy from Tampa, FL - Excellent presentations, very well done.

David from Haines city, FL - The actors did a great job! We enjoyed all of our reconsidering in the park wish more people would take advantage of the education that they could see you by visiting here.

Larreta from Lake City, SC - This has been a wonderful experience I loved it all!

Donna from Crowing, MD - This is the third time I've been here everything is awesome I feel like I was in church all day! It was amazing!

Carlos from Victorville, CA - Thank you for the experience we had a blessed day!

Bill from Midland, MD - It was so meaningful to see and hear! The park was excellent, wonderful job!

Wegio from Memphis, TN - This entire day was amazing! I will definitely return to experience it again with others in my family!

Rudy from Detroit, MI - We had a wonderful experience here today it is something we will never forget.

Pearl from Memphis, TN - My husband and I have enjoyed our experience everything has been amazing!

Stella from Detroit, MI - I really enjoyed all the sites and would recommend to others to come and see the experiences for themselves.

Glenn from MI - Very interesting and moving! Love the ease of the park and how helpful the stuff was.

Stephanie from St. Louis, MO - Beautiful. The actors and actresses were wonderful. The whole team was so wonderful! I am what a wonderful experience! First time here! May God continue to bless your work.

Johnson from Kissimmee, FL - Awesome job. My life was saved today in Jesus name! I will forever love what God is doing with all the land.

Bonita From Coco, FL - Absolutely splendid!

Dorothy from FL - All was so wonderful. The place and singing were all very good.

Gladys from Port St. Lucie, FL - It was truly an amazing experience, very uplifting and spiritual.

Tony from London, KY - Very much enjoyed everything about them.

Bob from OH - Wonderful experience of faith! Awesome.

Sarah from San Antonio, TX - Enjoyed the shows! Very inspirational and they are a must see. I will spread the word by mouth about my experience at Holy Land.

Mary from Largo, FL - Wow! Beautiful! Amazing!! We have been blessed for coming to the Holy Land! Thank you for sharing the good news of saving grace of Jesus Christ.



Tori from Corry, PA - Thank you for an absolutely wonderful experience! We were in awe of the beauty!

Pat from Wilmington, PA - This place is amazingly beautiful. Gave a new insight to the bible stories. We will recommend to our friends!

Pat from Maryland - Everything was so beautiful!

Chapin from Magnolia, TX - The whole day was wonderful!

Kathy from Haslet, TX - Great place to visit! You need to come for the whole day to see everything!

Carla from Holland, MI - Had a wonderful visit! Thank you for your commitment to the love of God’s word. God bless all of you!

Desiree from Walterburn, CT - Thank you for an amazing experience! You give glory to God in all you do!

David from Dillonvale, OH - The best I’ve ever seen!

Ruth from Philadelphia, PA - Every experience was awesome!

Joy from Stratford, CT - Very well portrayed! Very inspirational and educational!

Bob from Warren, MI - This is the 3rd visit! Always amazing and so very well done!

Willie from Woodbridge, VA - This was my first visit to Holy Land and I have been amazed, filled with spiritual enjoyment and enlightenment.

Jim from Cory, PA - Such a blessing! Wonderful from the time we got to the gate!

Cindy from St. Augustine, FL - From the time we came in to the time we had to leave the experience and people were wonderful! An answer to my prayers!

Jan from Joliet, IL - Love it! Love it! Love it!

Joyce from Grand Fork, ND - My 5th time here! Always enjoy the stories!

Charlie from Miami, FL - Knowing I was coming to Orlando for my honeymoon, it was predetermined that I was visiting HLE. I am so glad and blessed that we did!!

Barbara from Atlanta, GA - This is my first Holy Land Experience and it was truly unique! I enjoyed it very much.

Lucy from Atlanta, GA - This place words can not explain. The spiritual feelings you get from the plays is pure excitement!

Sharyon from Binghamton, NY - I enjoyed my Holy Land Experience and all of the friendly staff. Everyone had smiles on their face and were so eager to help!

Marie from MD - The experience we got was superb. We are surely going to recommend to our family and friends!

Nancy from Wayland, MI - This experience is so overwhelming its hard to put things into words. Thank you so much!

Eva from St. Albans, NY - I had a great time! Enjoyed the shows and the staff was very nice and a blessing!

Pura from Yonkers, NY - Breathtaking! The experience is beyond explainable! This is the best experience ever!!

Pam from Fosston, MN - I loved everything at the Holy Land Experience. I would recommend it to anyone!


Annia from Miami, FL - Great job! Wonderful place to visit!

Kurt from Miami, FL - Nice experience! This is my 5th time coming.

Jacquelyn from Ormond Beach, FL - Excellent performances and a great day all around!

Brandon from Cocoa, FL - Thankful for being part of the blessing.

Frank from St. Peters, MO - We appreciate your mission to spread the Word of God and the good news of our Lord Jesus! It is a beautiful setting and the presentations are moving!

Faye from Elmont, NY - Excellent!

Kimberly from Palm Bay, FL - Your shows are very powerful. I really enjoyed myself and hope to come again with my family. The staff and performers are excellent!

Lorain from Westerville, OH - I come here every time I come to Florida! Always enjoy it and alway inspired!

Debbie from Allentown, PA - The dramatic presentations were excellent! The singing was great! Costumes were fabulous!

Laura from Carrey, PR - No words! Simply spectacular!

Peter from Stillwaters, MN - Amazing re-creation of the Holy Land! Excellent productions and very friendly and helpful staff.

Betrize from Tamarne, FL - This is a wonderful place! God bless you! Wonderful experience! My heart overflows with joy.

Penelope from Canada - This is my second visit to this park and it is even more amazing and awesome this time!

Lisa from Sussex, NJ - I came to Florida just to come to the Holy Land! I am truly blesses that I came.

Lakiesha from Philadelphia, PA - This is the second time I’ve been here and I just love the experience!

Julieann from Hamburg, NJ - Loved all the stage shows, exhibits etc. It was awesome to see the Word of God come to life!

Loretta from Warner Robins, GA - Very moving and very well depicted stories! I highly recommend it as a must see attraction!



Dave from Canada “This was the first time in your park, and everything was so well done.”

Nina from Seaford, NY “The shows were very powerful.”

Fiorella From Miami, FL “I had a wonderful experience here with my family.”

Rosa from Florence, SC “Being at the Holy Land Experience has been a beautiful experience.”

Ana from Colombia “It was amazing!”

Judy from Frostproof, FL “I loved everything.”

David from Savannah, GA “This was a very good experience. We loved every bit of it.”

Pamela from Lawrenceville, NJ “This is my first visit to the Holy Land Experience, and I enjoyed every bit of it.”

Shirleyann from Harvest, AL “The presentations were excellent!”

Sharron from Elm Harvest, IL “It was all so wonderful.”

Judy from Morris, IL “This is an amazing place.”

Sandy from Applegate, CA “This is my second visit, and I will be back again!”

Silton from St. Croix, Virgin Islands “Tremendously impressive overall!”

Lynn from South Haven, MN “Excellently performed shows. Everything was clean. I had the best day!”

Rodney from Albany, NY “The performances were very beautiful.”

Cy from Morgantown, WV “I enjoyed the gospel message here all throughout the park!”

Denise from Brandon, FL “This place is beautiful.”

Connie from Toledo, IA “I loved all of the performances.”

Elias from Crown Point, IN “It was a great environment.”

Flo from Lakewood Ranch, FL “I was so impressed by everything.”



Bill from Orlando, FL “We love the “new” Holy Land Experience. It was so nice to be in a place where everyone smiles at you. Everyone was so helpful.”

Gabrielle from Little River, SC “Everything was wonderful. I really enjoy the shows. Love Never Fails was absolutely beautiful.”

Ismael from Channelview, TX “My wife suggested we come here for our honeymoon and I must say that it has been the most inspirational and impacting place we have visited on our honeymoon vacation.”

Carmen from Brooklyn, NY “This is my first visit to HLE and it has been magnificent. This is such a life changing experience.”

Julie from Chattanooga, TN “All of the shows were great.”

Shirley from Hertford, NC “I feel the glory of God all around me in this wonderful place.”

Kalen from Los Angeles, CA “I hello the interactions I had today. Everyone was so enthusiastic kind and helpful.”

Steven from Battle Creek, MI “We had a great time and all of my family members were pleasantly surprised. My sons loved playing in the kids area.”

James from Columbus, MS “The employees are exciting and engaging. A real joy to meet.”

Darlene from Phoenix City, AZ “The people we came in contact with were very friendly and helpful.”

Regina from New Orleans, LA “I loved everything. It was all so very enjoyable.”

Eileen from St. Louis, MO “We have been many times before, But we were impressed by the expansions.”

Shirley from Valdosta, GA “I was blown away by all the performers and the live shows.”

Wanda from Washington, DC “This has been a wonderful experience.”

Veronica from Parksley, VA “HLE is a vision of love.”

Angelica from San Nicolas, Aruba “Everything is just wonderful.”

Philip from Glasgow, Scotland “It was a brilliant day. Very educational and worth traveling all the way from Scotland to see.”

Ona from North Las Vegas, NV “I have truly enjoyed my visit. This place is fantastic.”

Jonathan from Chester, PA “HLE explains and captures what our faith is all about.”

Nancy from Birmingham, AL “Today has been a beautiful day. The players were wonderful and I have been truly blessed.”

Ellen from Glenwood, MN “This was incredible. My husband and I have been blessed to experience such an anointing and impressive amount of talent.”

Sarah from Oakley, York Shire “The shows performed were done very well and filled with enthusiasm. The ballet performance was effortless.”



Wanda from Ocoee, FL “This is an incredible place. We will definitely be back with friends and family.”

Beatrice from Greenville, NC “It has been so refreshing to be in this Godly environment.”

Val from Douglasville, GA “This is my second visit and I can’t wait to return for third. I have learned so much in this places open my eyes to the Bible more than ever before.”

Diana from Coal City, WV “I have really enjoyed the entire experience.”

Noel from Miami, FL “The events here have all come from a place of love.”

Judith from Jacksonville, FL “I came for my birthday and I have had a great time.”

Tony from St. Petersburg, FL “We have had a great experience.”

Cynthia from Houston, TX “The shows and exhibits are awesome. I am my husband have loved this entire day.”

Michael from Nigeria “I have had the experience of a lifetime. I will never forget it.”

Jennifer from Tampa, FL “We I had an amazing visit. We will invite others to come and receive what this place has to offer.”

John from Atlantic Beach, FL “It has been a lovely day and I have had a great time. It’s always wonderful to hear about the gospel it’s beautiful setting.”

Evelyn from Jacksonville, FL “I I’m so glad I came here. I really enjoy everything.”

Stacy from Lynn, MA “This has been an absolutely wonderful experience. This place truly captures the heart and soul of Jesus Christ.”

Donna from Terrell, TX “I have been blessed by the shows and staff. Everything about today was truly an answer to some prayers.”

Lisa from Brooklyn, NY “We have enjoyed everyone that works in this park today.”

Cynthia from plantation, FL “I thought that everything was very good. I wanted to see this place for very long time and I thank God for allowing me to visit. It was everything I hoped it would be.”

Eileen from Milford, OH “I loved every moment.”

Richard from Key West, FL “The presentations are awesome.”

Antoine from Apollo Beach, FL “If I could I would live here.”

Douglas from Winter Haven, FL “This has been a heart filled and loving experience. My husband and high have enjoyed it.”

Heather from Holly Springs, MS “It was simply wonderful.”

Felicia from Newark, NJ “This has been a spiritually satisfying and tear-jerking experience.”

Jeanie from Richmond, KY “No words can describe the powerful feeling I have by being here.”

Chris for Montezuma, IA “I had such an awesome day. I’ve been blessed by this experience.”

Sheryl from Mount Vernon, NY “This is my second trip and is still a great experience. Everything is still so heartfelt.”

Glenda from Brodhead, KY “The Holy Land Experience is great.”

Samuel from Virginia Beach, VA “This has been a great way to celebrate our 40th anniversary. Everything was so well done and we are very blessed. Staff was also courteous and extremely helpful.”

Jim from Kokomo, IN “We have really enjoyed our day here. Everyone is friendly and the food was affordable and good. The actors and singers are exceptional and the grounds are gorgeous. We will be coming back.”

Eugene from Guatemala “I have had a beautiful experience.”

Kathy from Nashport, OH “It was wonderful. We are so happy that we decided to stop. Everyone was so talented.”



Raju from India, “The shows are great, spiritual, and inspirational.”

Alma from Chicago, IL “The experience has been gratifying. You can feel the Lord throughout the park.”

Lena from Newark, DE “It was awesome. The shows were very heartfelt and I enjoy the experience.”

Angela from Chicago, IL “I really enjoy the shows. Everything was so powerful in the interactions were such a wonderful experience.”

Doris from Philadelphia, PA “It was all so excellent. I really enjoyed everything. This is been a wonderful day.”

Angel from Philadelphia, PA “The presentations were extremely powerful.”

Karen from Philadelphia, PA “It was wonderful.”

Curtis from Prince George, VA “Today was a wonderful experience for me and my family. the presentations were very thought-provoking.”

Tom from Lima, NY “I thought everything was amazing. We were very pleasantly surprised by this entire part.”

LaSherial from Memphis, TN “I truly enjoyed my experience here today. It was enlightening. This park has brought the Bible to life for me.”

Austin from Winterville, NC “I had a great time. I enjoyed myself.”

Esther from Douglasville, GA “I loved it.”

Jeanie from Maumelle, AR “The Temple praise was an enjoyable experience. It was a great start to the day.”

Earlean from Warner Robins, GA “This have been a great way to spend my birthday.”

Ricky from Tampa, FL “It was very inspiring and comforting.

Alberta from Jackson, MS “The shows were beautiful. Everyone was so friendly and the atmosphere was divine.

Katorah from Valdosta, GA “This has been a wonderful experience. This is something I will never forget.”

Florence from Somerset, NJ “Everything with so emotionally uplifting.”

Brenda from the Bahamas “This experience has been amazing. I can feel the power of God in the auditorium as well as the rest of the park.”

Peggy from Patrick, SC “It was a beautiful day to be with the Lord in this beautiful place.”

Jewel from the Cayman Islands “I have enjoyed the shows and everything at the Holy Land Experience.”

Tracy from Covington, KY “The entire day was extremely informative.”

Joyce from Moorestown, TN “Love It!”

Rachel from San Antonio, TX “It was a wonderful experience. The dramas were extremely moving and you could fill the love of God throughout the grounds.”

Lauren from Mobile, AL “It was awe-inspiring!”

Laura from Houston, TX “This has been hey beautiful day.”

Roberto from Orlando, FL “This has been the most beautiful experience of my life.”



Maria from Boynton Beach, FL “My life feels different after visiting this place. The stories told hear have touched my heart.”

Janet from Miami, FL “This place is awesome. My hope is that God continues to bless the employees here as well as the guests who enter the park.”

Angel from Stratford, CT “I found everything to be excellent. It was well worth the trip from Connecticut.”

Kenneth from Freeport, Grand Bahama, Bahama “This has been an absolutely wonderful experience.”

Claire from Sunrise, FL “There are no words that can express I have experienced today. It was all so wonderful.”

John from Kinston, NC “Everything has been so wonderful. It is all so beautiful.”

Tori from Philadelphia, PA “About two hours ago I prayed for a friend to be healed of cancer. I just received a text stating that her last check up report just came back stating that she was cancer free.”

Christine from Meriden, CT “O Love this place. I wish I could have seen everything. I will have to come back again.”

Bernice from Northville, MD “This has been an awesome experience from the beginning to the end.”

Ellis from Deland, VA “This was such a blessed day. It has been a wonderful experience. All the shows are so informative and inspiring.”

David from Gary, WV “The Holy Spirit is throughout this entire park. The experience was remarkable and amazing.”

Silas from Farmville, VA “This entire experience was truly a worship experience. We’ve have a desire to visit for so long now and we are so glad we have the opportunity.”

Linda from Ormond Beach, FL “The shows where amazing and the staff was very pleasant and very helpful.”

Adrian from Deltona, FL “I loved everything."


Miles from Providence, RI “It was all so great. This experience is brought some things to light for me.”

Maria from Camden, NJ “It has been very inspiring. This is my first visit here and I have enjoyed it immensely. It was also lovely and it has changed me.”

Daisy from Bronx, NY “I loved everything. Everything is so awesome and I will recommend this place to my friends and family.”

Luz from Deltona, FL “This is a beautiful and peaceful place to visit. I love the environment.”

Thelma from Atlanta, GA “It is a very nice heartfelt place to visit.”

Denise from Bellflower, CA “This was a beautiful collection of aspects from the Bible. I appreciate every thing here.”

Cesar from Bronx, NY “Today has been a beautiful day.”

Kerry from Alexandria, VA “It has been a dream come true. I’m totally coming back next year.”

Patrick from Punjab, Pakistan “We are visiting from Pakistan and we decided to visit this park. Is a great ministry of the Lords.”

Sandra from Newark, NJ “I have been very entertained and inspired throughout the day. It is all so emotional.”

Claudia from Winter Park, FL “This has truly been a blessing.”

Jean from San Francisco, CA “It was amazing.”

Constantine from North Chesterfield, VA “I have truly enjoyed it the Holy Land Experience. All of the shows were thought-provoking and inspiring.”

Miriam from Ballwin, NY “My experience here has been awesome. I’m very glad I made the sacrifice to get here.”

Kiana from Worcester, MA “This experience was amazing! I loved the promise production and it was as if it took me back into that time.”

Pat from Queens, NY “Amazing.”

Lee from Sunrise, FL “I was blown away. What a beautiful place this is. I will be back with my family.”

Jennifer from Bronx, NY “I Love it. I really have learned something new today. It has been a speechless experience.”

Beaux from Dorchester, MA “This has been the best time I have ever had.”

Karen from Boston, Ma “It was very informative and very interesting to see. It really has touched my soul.”

Mike from Nigeria “I have been truly blessed. I came all the way from Nigeria to visit this place and it has been a remarkable event.”

Barbara from Atlanta, GA “I have had an awesome experience. God’s light shines here.”


AUGUST, 2016 

Cordelia from North Lauderdale, FL “It was such an eye-opening experience. Everything so informative.”

William from Decatur, GA “I really enjoyed all of the productions. Everything was so well organized.”

Kyle from Sarasota, FL “I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the day.”

Carol from Raleigh, NC “It was great. The presentations were absolutely wonderful. I love it.”

Hal from Stanhope, NV “The performances were outstanding. The architecture is so beautiful and I felt surrounded my God’s love.”

Barbara from New York, NY “I have had a wonderful experience. Everything felt so real.”

Anthony from Newark, NJ “This has been the best part of our vacation.”

Gerald from Brownwood, TX “I have I had an awesome experience. This is a must do when you are on vacation in Orlando.”

Marvin from Lawrenceville, GA “ this was my second time here and I loved it even more this time.”

Edina from Philadelphia, PA “I have had such a wonderful day. God surely show up in a mighty way.”

Osanemo from Nigeria “It was an awesome experience for me. Everything was so good and the Gospel has been preached in full.”

Carmen from Puerto Rico “I loved it. I’ve been planning a visit for two years and I was not disappointed.”

Ernest from Winter Haven, FL “It was great. Everything was so very emotional.”

Hector from St. Thomas, Virgin Islands “All I can say is what a blessing it has been to visit. I had such a great time.”

Lucy from Shakopee, MN “I Love the way this place is set up. Everything felt so authentic and it was aesthetically pleasing.”

Aubrey from Queens, NY “It was wonderful. It has been such an awesome experience and I couldn’t ask for a better time.”

Valerie from Chesapeake, VA “It has been the most beautiful experience I have ever had.”

Maria from Brownsville, TX “You can feel the spirit of the moment you drive onto the parking lot.”

T.R. from Star, ID “I I’m having a great time. I love the Scriptorium so much I decided to go through twice.”

Ashley from Philadelphia, PA “I really enjoyed my day here. It has been truly amazing and unforgettable.”

Vicky from Vinton, VA “This is a wonderful place which I will not soon forget.”

Forman from Upper Marlboro, MD “The shows were great. We had so much fun.”

Kevin from Virginia Beach, VA “Today is our 30th wedding anniversary and we have been so blessed by being able to visit the Holy Land Experience.”

Bernard from Bronx, NY “This experience was amazing. I wish I could stay longer.”

Felicia from Loganville, GA “This place is been so great and wonderful.”

Timothy from Kissimmee, FL “Today is my birthday and I am having the greatest time of my life. This place is so awesome.”

Mercy from Kissimmee, FL “I have had a tremendous experience being in the presence of the Lord in this beautiful place.”

John from Kissimmee, FL “This Park has filled me with so much joy.”

Julie from Philadelphia, PA “This experience has truly changed my life.”

Angela from Wilmington, DE “It has been a wonderful experience. The actors are so very gifted and you can tell Layla what they do.”

Mildred from Newark, NJ “No words can explain such an amazing place.”

Patty from Katy, TX “We have the most beautiful experience. We will cherish this day and our visit forever.”

José from Falls Church, PA “The productions were great.”


Oscar from Miami, FL “The performances were awesome. I enjoyed everything so much and the talent here is beyond words.”

Olga from Laureldale, PA “I can’t even describe how blessed I have been all day. I am enjoying my vacation immensely thanks to this beautiful place.”

Cindy from Newport News, VA “I enjoyed every second here. The actors are also believable in their roles. Everything was superb.”

Mary from Richmond, VA “It was also riveting.”

Gloria from Richmond, VA “It was powerful.”

Daniel from Boynton Beach, FL “We found this experience to be truly uplifting.”

Elizabeth from Kissimmee, FL “I loved it. It’s a very nice and beautiful place. Everyone was so friendly.”

T.L. from Yakima, WA “The presentations were very good. The grounds are beautiful and the staff is friendly.”

Thomas from Hampton, VA “The professionalism and kindness is truly wonderful. This is been a great experience.”

George from Deltona, FL “It as been an amazing experience. Everyone was so wonderful.”

Sherry from Stone Mountain, GA “It is an amazing place to visit. It hasn’t such a powerful day and I really love the Scriptorium.”

Layden from Des Moines, WA “This has been such a meaningful date to Maine. Everything was so beautiful and uplifting.”

Vida from Jamaica, NY “My visit to this wonderful place has been a truly amazing experience.”

Agnes from Crystal Lake, IL “I loved everything about my day.

Deanna from Fairfield, AL “I really enjoyed the shows. Everything is so wonderful.”

Janice from Sahuarita, AZ “It was very impressive.

Stephanie Philadelphia, PA “This is the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen.”

Beverly from Seaford, DE “It has been an awesome experience. It makes you feel like you were back times of Jesus. Everything that was offered with such a wonderful experience.”

Doris from Fort Lee, NJ “Everything about my day has been amazing.”

Carmen from Carmel, NY “I loved it.”

Eduardo from McKinney, TX “It has been an amazing time. This is my second time visiting and I can’t wait to come back for third.”

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 May God Bless all these wonderful people sharing their love for Jesus!



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